Your new high quality concrete driveway is as important to us as it is to you. At Kenny’s Concrete we remove the old and prep for the new in the same day. This includes compacting class 6 road base and pouring 4500psi concrete the same day or the following business morning.

All concrete is poured over 2″ steel mesh, and finished off with either a nice checkered broom finish or a light sand finish at our discretion.

At Kenny’s Concrete we are so proud of our driveways we stamp our name, phone number and the year it was poured at the bottom of every one.

IMPORTANT: It is important to understand concrete as a whole when dealing with any new concrete application. Concrete is not a maintenance free product. Concrete must be kept clean, and free of any type of salt, magnesium chloride, fertilizer. Snow removal of new concrete is a must as concrete is still in an infant state for three years